Monday, August 29, 2005

Here's Jo Jo!

Howya doin' boss?

Man, I love saying that. I know lots of people who love hearing me say that, too. Ha ha, that's the first rule of being a comedy relief sidekick: Get a good hook and stick with it.

So anyway, I dig being with Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator, he is really really cool and his spaceship is such a cool place to hang out with my buddies. All the other Monkeyboys are green eyed with envy at my status in the sidekick hierarchy.

So I got this awesome new song that I wrote, too. Check out these lyrics:

Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, he's a clown jumping up and down
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, he's a crazy clown

The kids love the Monkeyboy, he's so cool he's no fool
The kids love the Monkeyboy, he's a Monkeyboy

You'll love the Monkeyboy, swinging to and fro, there he goes!
You'll love the Monkeyboy, Jo Jo the Monkeyboy

Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, at the cabana, eatin' a banana
Jo Jo the monkeyboy, hanging with D.C. Fontana

Monkey Monkeyboy, Jo Jo bounds across the grounds
Jo Jo the Monkey boy, look at the Monkeyboy

I still have a couple of verses that I am working on! It'll be a killer when I'm finished! I have to go now, I'm providing the snacks for the weekly Monkeyboy card game. Bobo goes nuts for bananas and Spanky goes bananas for nuts! Ha ha!

Until next time, Howya doin' boss!


Master Yoda said...

Jo Jo, come up a couple more verses for you I have. Welcome, you are.

Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, scares girls and boys
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, their parents he annoys

Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, smells kinda funky
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, one ugly monkey!

flu said...

I thought the catch phrase was: "Howya doin' bwauwth?"

Jo Jo The Monkeyboy's Ghost said...

Nice verses, Yoda, except the meter isn't quite right and it sounds kind of mean. Other thatn that, it looks swell!

Fluke, that thounds thilly, who'd've thunk that those thilly thounds come from thomeone like you. Ha ha!

Master Yoda said...

Jo Jo,

In a nice way I meant those words.