Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hey hey we're the Monkeyboys

Name: Jo Jo the Monkeyboy
Homeplanet: Monkekbok
Catchphrase: "Howya doin' Bwauth?"
Background: After becoming Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator's comedy relief sidekick, Jo Jo has proven that he is definitely one of the big guns and possible undisputed champion of comedy relief sidekicks. His energetic attitude and his willingness to sacrifice himself for a laugh set him head and shoulders above all others in the realm of sidekickery.
Favorite foods: Bananas, banana cream pies, frozen bananas, banana omelets, banana margaritas and especially banana daiquiris.

Name: MoJo the Monkeyboy
Homeplanet: Monkekbok
Catchphrase: "You my bestest friend fow ever and ever and ever!"
Background: Jo Jo's (annoying) younger brother was just a few credits shy of graduation from MIT-S when he was expelled after an unfortunate incident involving the headmaster and a hot banana cream pie. He has since been roaming the galaxies searching for a someone to 'kick for. He was last seen along the outer rim.
Favorite foods: Bananas, banana cream pies, frozen bananas, plantains.

Name: Bobo the Monkeyboy
Homeplanet: Monkekbok
Catchphrase: "Heeeey, buddy!"
Background: Bobo is one of Jo Jo's best friends and a classmate from MIT-S. Bobo is not currently sidekicking for anyone right now, but Flash Gordon said that Bobo could be his when "Hell freezes over." So Bobo's looking forward to that.
Favorite foods: Bananas, banana nut muffins, bananas and Spam, kiwi fruit.

Name: Cocoa the Monkeyboy
Homeplanet: Monkekbok
Catchphrase: "Miggle miggle mffff!" or "Miggle mffffp! Thpppppt!"
Background: Another good friend of Jo Jo's, Cocoa became despondent after being unable to secure a 'kicking job after graduation from MIT-S. Needing money, Cocoa did a few modeling gigs for a book artist, but didn't make a lot of residuals as he was told that the book didn't sell very well. Not a very good verbal communicator, Cocoa can usually be heard saying things like "Miggle niggle thiggle, cheese!" or "Ack thhhppt!"
Favorite foods: Bananas, banana splits, banana bread, banana pudding, mango salsa.

Name: Schlocky the Monkeyboy
Homeplanet: Monkekbok
Catchphrase: "Vhy dese kids dese days!"
Background: Schlocky is Jo Jo's uncle and is a very influential instructor at the Monkekbok Institute for Training Sidekicks (MIT-S). He once was Crash Corrigan's sidekick until an unfortunate incident where he was accidentally ejected out of a submarine. His 'kicking resume also includes stints with Ford Prefect, the Gray Lensman, Admiral Gloval, Steve Armstrong, Korben Dallas, Leto Atreides, The Shadow (allegedly) and Street Hawk.
Favorite foods: Mashed bananas, prunes, mashed bananas and prunes, mashed prunes with bananas.

Name: Spanky the Monkeyboy
Homeplanet: Monkekbok
Catchphrase: "Ahoy ahoy, good Capitan!"
Background: With dry English wit and and never too far from a cup of banana tea, Spanky is the undisputed intellectual of the Monkeyboy set. He once sidekicked for International Rescue, until he started throwing mud at Virgil Tracy during an argument over a can of aerosol cheese. He also briefly 'kicked with Doctor Who, but was soon abandoned when The Doctor realized that Spanky wasn't a hot gal in a loincloth.
Favorite foods: Bananas, banana tea, bananas scones, mixed nuts, banana bangers and banana mash.

Name: Moe "Moe Moe" the Monkeyboy
Homeplanet: Monkekbok
Catchphrase: "Oh no not again!"
Background: If the weather is warm, and the sun is real sunny, Moe Moe loves to have great fun that is funny! Unfortunately, Moe Moe once jumped onto the side of a giant anthropomorphic banana and was never seen or heard from again.
Favorite foods: Bananas, banana chips, small bananas, large bananas, giant bananas, banana juice.

Name:Frodo the Monkeyboy
Homeplanet: Monkekbok
Catchphrase: "I'll bite that for a dollar!"
Background: Frodo spends of much his time wearing baseball outfits and clown suits because, hey, what's funnier than that? Frodo can always be seen wearing a glove and they say it's full of banana mush that he keeps to feed his girlfriend.
Favorite foods: Bananas, banana mush, bananas sausage eggs and Spam, fruit cocktail.

Names: LoLo, Po Po, Hoho and Snickerdoodle the Seamonkeyboys and girls
Homeplanet: Monkekbok
Catchphrase (LoLo): "Pretty pretty, LoLo pretty!"
Catchphrase (Po Po): "That's my Monkeyboy!" and "That's my Monkeygirl!"
Catchphrase (Hoho): "I grok that!"
Catchphrase (Snickerdoodle): "Awww, go blow your jets!"
Background: The first family of aquatic sidekickery with Po Po the patriarch, Hoho the caring mother, and LoLo and Snickerdoodle the precocious kids. Po Po 'kicked for Aquaman, The Submariner and briefly for The Man From Atlantis before meeting his wife to be. Hoho almost 'kicked for The Little Mermaid, but got separated from them when a big school of fish swam by and a talking crab took her place. Po Po and Hoho met, fell in love, and the rest is comic sidekick history.
Favorite foods: Bananas, sea bananas, lake bananas, river bananas and creek bananas.

Name: Hojo the Monkeyboy
Homeplanet: Monkekbok
Catchphrase: "Awk! Time for this bird to fly!"
Background: Nobody is quite sure where Hojo came from, if he is a mutant or some evil genetic experiment gone awry. One thing is for certain, he did pass all of his classes at MIT-S with flying colors. He was Hawkman's sidekick for a while until he was accidentally sucked out the window of a jet. He is now believed to be 'kicking for Hawk.
Favorite foods: Banana-kabobs, banana creole, banana gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried bananas. Pineapple banana, lemon banana, coconut banana, pepper banana, banana soup, banana stew, banana salad, banana and potatoes, banana burger, banana sandwich.


flu said...

hm... so hard to pick a favorite...

JawaJuice said...

hmm...so hard to pick a nose...

Master Yoda said...

Something curious about Cocoa, there is.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I would say "so hard to kick a favorite," but I have a biased oppinion myself.

Master Yoda, is it his poor communication skills?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

..or is it his ability to ride a bike bronco-style?

Leia said...

Wow, I've never seen the word "banana" being used so many times before.

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

Frodo really IS the cutest!
Here via Michele's.

Morah Mommy said...

All of the sudden I have a hankering for a piece of banana cream pie!

I especially loved your sea monkey family!

Michele sent me!

Carol said...

Am I in the right line up?