Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jo Jo the Mighty Morphin' Power Sidekick

Howya doin' Bwauth?

Hoo hoo ha ha ha ha ha!

Most of you might not know this, but I am a Mighty Morphin' Power Sidekick! Look at this!

Image Hosted by
It's Morphin' Time! Hoo hoo ha ha ha!

Image Hosted by
I'm a little short for a Storm Trooper, don't you think? Hooo hoo ha ha ha!

Image Hosted by
Look at me! I'm The Karate Kid with the Kung Fu Grip!

Image Hosted by
Here I am in my baseball outfit because nothing is funnier than a Monkeyboy in a baseball outfit except...

Image Hosted by
A Monkeyboy in a clown outfit! Hoo hoo ha ha hah!

Image Hosted by
Me am Hulk now! Hulk Jo Jo smash you good! Ha ha ha, just kidding, I won't smash you!

Image Hosted by
Now I'm that other Hulk. Whachoo gonna do when I bring a big bowl of delicious banana pasta to you?

Image Hosted by
Now I am the Lord of the Dance! Ha ha, I hope that I don't slip on a banana peel!

Well, that's all the time I have for today, kiddies. I hope you liked watching my tricks. Remember, this was all done by my Super Morphin' Sidekick powers, not by clever photomanipulation or camera trickery!

See yah soon!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Stunning; what a great sidekick he will be. Keep the bananas handy.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Michele sent me. She didn't tell me how strange you are....

Melody said...

What are you on? *giggle giggle*
Michele sent me too...

Leia said...

Nice try, JoJo. Those are really just cardboard cut-outs you're standing behind, aren't they?

Jo Jo The Monkeyboy's Ghost said...

Carboard whatouts?

Hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

JawaJuice said...

I think i'm gonna have nightmares for weeks.. said...

It can't work as a matter of fact, that's what I suppose.

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