Friday, September 16, 2005

Jo Jo's Super Duper theme song competition! And the Winner is! Hoo boy this is exciting hoo hoo ha ha ha!

Howya doin' Buwauth?

Thith is it, the exciting moment! Are you all giddy with anticipation? I know that I am! I will review your entries and add comments, then I will announce the winner of the grand prize, something yellow and delicious!

From Fluke Starbucker:
Jo Jo the monkeyboy, he is such a 'tard,
Jo Jo the monkeyboy, I met him now I'm scarred.

Jo Jo the monkeyboy, man, he really stinks,
Jo Jo the monkeyboy, that is what methinks.

Jo Jo the monkeyboy, only has one lip,
Jo Jo the monkeyboy should take a flying flip,

Jo Jo the monkeyboy, has hands with no fingers,
Jo Jo the monkeyboy, has a stench that always lingers

Fluke, I could kiss you right on the forehead, if it wasn't cased in that space dirt and booger covered helmet! The lines don't really fit the song, but we can work on that, and the fact that you leap into the challenge with such zeal makes you one of my early favorites!

From my bestest buddy Jon, the Intergalactic Gladiator:
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy got all smoochie with Bonaduce
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy Charo says "Coochie coochie"

Jon, that's a great verse, only question is what's a "Charo?"

Another entry from Fluke:
Jo Jo the monkeyboy, he is really dumb,
hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha, will make your ears go numb

Fluke, as they said in that movie where Michael Keaton came back to life as a snowman, "you da man!" Except, again the lines don't fit. Maybe you should have said:

Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, he is dumb, makes your ears go numb
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, who is Harry Crumb?

Except I'm not dumb, either. As you can read, I can talk! Hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha ha!

From JawaJuice:
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, he’s here-he’s there-he’s fit!
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, peel him a banana split

Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, running down the street
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, just don’t smell his feet

Monkeyboy Monkeyboy, his name is Jo Jo
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, he’s got a big ol toe

Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, he’s a monkey battlebot
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, that’s all I got.

That's a lot of great entries, little jawamonkeybuddy boy! They don't fit the song so well either, but you get bonus points for saying banana split! How'd you know that I love banana splits?

Palpatine said:
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, He realy bugs me
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, I hope he falls from a tree

Palpy, pal, you're as good of a song writer as you are a chancellor of the galactic senate! Even though the line doesn't quite fit the song, it does talk about the one time I fell out of a tree. Don't worry, I'm feeling much better now.

Princess Leia Jo Jo:
Jo Jo the monkeyboy has a best friend Jon
Jo Jo the monkeyboy will never ever ever ever ever forget that.

Leia, your beauty is matched only by your splendor. I absolutely lo-o-o-ve the bait and switch. You and I need to go shoppin', girlfriend.

Said Master Yoda:
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, smells funky, dances clunky
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, looks nothing like a monkey

Jo Jo the Mokeyboy, hair like moss, he's on the sauce
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, how ya doin' boss?

Yoda, you are like a 900 year old Edgar Winter! These two verses are beyond compare.

Finally, Captain Picard entered:
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, the guy we love to hate,
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, his head should be on a plate.

You got that right, Johnny Luke, my head should be on a plate. A plate of bananas!!! Hoo hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha ha ha hah hah!

Well, those are the entries, Monkeyfanboys and girls. It is very, very difficult singling out one entry that stands above and beyond the others.


If I have to pick one that completely fits me

as a new verse to my Super Duper Super Swell Theme Song

The winner is

(oh boy, thith is exciting!)

ME! Jo Jo the Monkeyboy!

With this verse:

Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, from Planet Monkekbok where he met Spock
Jo Jo the Monkeyboy, rock clock Schlock space dock!

Clearly, this verse has it all. It explains where I come from, how I met Mr. Spock there (he even waved to me when I was jumping up and down in a crowd in front of him!), how I love to rock, how I own a clock, it mentions my old teacher Uncle Schlocky the Monkeyboy, who has taught me so much in the ways of comedy sidekickery, and it aludes to the time when I gave everyone on the USS Linseed a vacation by putting their starship into space dock for a month!

And look at my prize! It's a crate of delicious bananas!

Thank you everyone for playing! I have to go now, I have some yummerific bananas to eat.


Leia said...

You enjoy those bananas, Jojo. Especially on that plate of yours.

flu said...

congrats Jo Jo.


Mr. oddball-syncopation-monkeyboy-naner-eater


Jo Jo The Monkeyboy's Ghost said...


These bananas are going right through me!

Hoo hoo ha ha ha!

rashbre said...

jo jo the monkeyboy is bananas.

Michele sent me.

Valderbar said...

Space dock? You still use those old things? Can't you access the psychicteleport yet through interdimensional doors?

Pshaw. I hafta show you sometime. Not sure if Jon will fit since it's cat sized but Jo Jo would probably fit.

Valderbar said...

Michele sent me. I forgot to mention that in all the excitement of seeing the winning song and all.

Michelle said...

Wow, this is a bit much for me before my gin & tonic. I'll have to stop back when I'm more prepared.

Michele sent me :-)

Master Yoda said...

A recount I demand. Hanging chads there were.

Carmi said...

I'll be laughing all morning from this one. Thanks for the smile.

Visiting from Michele's. For some reason, I am now hungry. Should I eat a banana?

rashbre said...

There's only one banana less in the crate than yesterday.

Michele sounds like she's serving cocktails.

JawaJuice said...

Jo Jo won, eh?
Now why doesn't that surprise me...

kenju said...

Has anyone else explained what a "Charo" is?

She is a Latina singer, who was married to Xavier Cugat back in the dark ages. Her theme was "coochie, coochie".

Michele sent me.

TC said...

Too funny!

Michelle sent me!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Kenju, of course I know who Charo is, she and Skip Stevenson were on practically every episode of the Love Boat!

ribbiticus said...

cute and funny! michele sent me. :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That seemed a very fair competition.

JustLinda said...

Oh my gawd-- smoochie with Boneduce has to be the best rhyme EVER!! HAHAHAHAHHA

(thanks for stopping by my blog...)