Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Into the Valley of Death Rode Four

Rocksun, Hudson, Eve, and I were exhausted from our push into Zerg territory. We were very near the Citadel of Hope, but we were also surrounded by the Zerg on all sides.

“We’re hurt, tired, and severely outnumbered,” Rocksun said over the comm. “We’re low on energy and ammo and these guys look ready to tear us to pieces.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” I replied.

“Bring it on,” Hudson said. “I’m too tired to be scared.”

“It’s been nice knowing you guys,” Eve added.

The swarm of Zerg creatures loomed over us. Monsters of all shapes and sizes drooled and leered at us but did not strike. It was as if whatever force was controlling them was savoring the moment.

Eve cursed loudly. “Come on, you stinking Cerebrate! Send them! Give us your worst!”

“I don’t think egging them on is that good of an idea,” Rocksun stated.

“Does it matter?” asked Hudson. “In a few minutes, it’ll be game over.”

The ruthless aliens nearest to us raised their talons, their lipless mouths approximated a cruel imitation of a smile. They bore down on us.

Suddenly bright flashes sizzled all around us. Many creatures vaporized instantly, while others scattered with their rough hides scorched by the attack. A shadow slowly loomed over us.

“Yeeehaw! The cavalry’s here, boys!” I shouted excitedly. High in the air, the battle cruiser loomed over us, firing its powerful energy cannons down on the Zerg creatures.

“I take exception to that boys comment,” Eve laughed. “But that thing sure is a pretty site!”

“Everybody stand by,” Queen Galacta’s voice crackled over the comm system. “We’ll have this mess cleaned up in no time.”

“I’m surprised you got that thing very far!” Rocksun exclaimed with a smile. “I didn’t think she’d get past that mountain we blasted her out of.”

“She doesn’t have much more in her, and I definitely wouldn’t take her into space,” the Queen replied. “But she has enough to help you out here.”

The batteries from the battle cruiser made short work of everything around us. On the ground, we mopped up anything else in the way. Hudson, particularly, assailed his targets with renewed vigor.

“Come on! Come get some!” he shouted while standing up on the seat of his hovercycle and firing endless rounds from his M41A Pulse Rifle. “Come and get it, baby! Let’s go, yeah, come on! Come and get it you bastards! You too! Oh, you want some of this? Eat some 10 mil, suckers!”

“Easy there, Hudson,” I called out to the private. “I think we got ‘em.”

“Really?” Hudson looked around at the carnage. “That’s right, you’re dog meat you stupid aliens! Ha!”

“That was some very good shooting up there,” Rocksun said into the comm. “Who was doing the firing?”

“That would be me, Major,” Lombarr replied.

“Lombarr? Wow. When this is all done, I’m gonna give you a medal!” Rocksun answered over his radio.

“That’s pretty funny, Major,” Lombarr answered. “But I outrank you, I’m Captain Lombarr now.”

Major Rocksun let out a low whistle at the thought.

“Major,” the newly promoted officer continued. “We’re getting an unusual reading from the Citadel of Hope. Our sensors are still too damaged to get an accurate reading, but there is definitely something going on there.”

“I see it was well from my scopes,” the commando leader agreed. “I’ll wager your new paycheck that whatever is the cause of all this is happening right there.”

“I’ll bet Hudson’s paycheck that you’re right,” I added.


“OK,” Rocksun said determinedly. “Time to head into the Citadel.”

“We will cover you from here,” Queen Galacta announced. “Good luck, warriors.”

I thought of the legion of creatures that we just worked our way through. I thought of their snarling and snapping jaws and of their strong, piercing talons. I thought about how tough it would be working through level after level of these creatures in a confined space. Good luck? I thought.

“Yeah, we’ll need it,” I muttered.


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Having Hudson drive that Vulture through the Citadel just sound like a bad idea. Very Bantha in the china shop.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The Citadel looks like the City of Oz to me.

Queen Galacta said...

No Captain, Oz is a horse of a different color.

Erifia Apoc said...

Have you ever met Conan the Barbarian, he went to a very similar place, I remember.

Professor Xavier said...

Nothing like a Battlecruiser to soften up an enemy.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I'd prefer a fleet of them, but I'll take what we've got, Professor.

Vegeta said...

yes good luck

Robin said...

Citadel looks like Disney Land Florida to me. Jon you've been on so many adventures Im surprised that you haven't got a catchphrase.

Thousand Faces said...

You sound like you need a shapeshifter.