Thursday, September 18, 2008

Summer of iDoodles, Part Nine

OK, who's next? Bring it on, Khan!

Update! MWB wants to see Bush and McCain out on dates together. Now of course, these man-dates are strictly platonic because both Bush and McCain are married and we know that all good Republicans who are married do not engage in homosexual activities.
Here they are running on the beach together.

Here's the ice cream soda that they're about to share.

Here they are showing off the sweet new tats that they just went and got together.

And here's the baby seal that they are about to club together because it got all caught up in their oil spill. Bad baby seal! Stay out of George Bush's blood oil!


mwb said...

Of course, we all know that your doodles are the best thing ever. I love them so much that each time you do one, I run out and get it done up as a tattoo!

I've never actually requested one myself, because I was always too overwhelmed by it all. But given this election year, I make a special request not just for one but a series of them around a theme.

Senator McCain is desperately trying to distance himself from President Bush but we know they are so much closer than that. Why not “celebrate” that fact with a series a doodles illustrating their many special “man-dates?”

Walking along the beach (with lots of oil wells.)

Getting BFF (Best Friends Forever) tattoos.

Making little spitballs with the shreds of the Constitution as they spit them out on the little people walking by.


It would be awesome, sir.

Anonymous said...

me laughing at mags pink helmet

Anthony Stark Ironboy said...

me laughing, and HS, Jazzercise costume with my arm around X-23

Professor Xavier said...

At least there will be one less baby seal to wear down the iceburgs running all over them. That's what's really happening to the iceburgs, you know. I heard it on Fox News.

Dr. Zaius said...

George Bush and John McCain make such a lovely couple.