Monday, March 24, 2008

Queen Galacta: Seven Things Meme

I do not believe that I have ever filled out one of these “meme’s” before. As you all know, administrating this galaxy keeps me very busy. My advisors tell me that participating in these may actually bring me a little closer to my subjects; therefore it would be my pleasure to give this a whirl, as I believe the expression goes.

1. It is generally known that the great King Galacton IX was my father and Galactor the Evil Galactic Overlord is my brother. What many citizens of this great Galaxy do not know is that I had another brother, Galacto IX. Unfortunately, Galacto died unexpectedly just as he reached adulthood. Though medical professionals were not able to determine the cause, his body had several mysterious centimeter-sized energy burn marks all over it.

2. Father always did like me best. This infuriated Galactor to no end. I do not know if this is what caused him to turn evil or not but I did find it amusing at the time. IT would be regrettable all the evil he has brought to this galaxy because he was not father’s favored.

3. Normally I was very well behaved when growing up but there was one occasion in finishing school where I got all the girls to clear their throats in the middle of class all at the same time! As you could imagine, the consternation brought to Lady L’shlyr by our actions was truly unforgettable. Of course I have curtailed my rebellious streak since then, but oh the thrill those few moments brought me.

4. I love hot dogs. There is nothing like sticking a hot and juicy “footlong” dripping with mustard and onions in my mouth. You can’t get them anywhere but on Earth.

5. Like all evolved members of the galaxy, I abhor violence. Even so, I understand that it is occasionally an only option. I have even led my fleet into combat upon occasion, the The Battle over Planet Hel, for instance.

6. Sometimes, when the burdens of an entire galaxy and the concerns of the billions upon billions of people weigh the most heavily on me, I miss my weissponig tremendously.

7. Yes, these are real.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Is there anybody in the blogasphre who hasn't done this meme?

Kon-El said...

It's attacking evreyone!

Nepharia said...

There have been people who have refused my request because they've already done it a coupla times over. I must have been one of that last ones tagged. It's like being picked last for kathra ball.