Sunday, May 11, 2008


I was still on Ellis Island trying to figure out my next move. From Cyclops, I go the lowdown of what was happening at Xavier’s Institute. Apparently my old friend Dr. Nemonok (and by old friend, I am being sarcastic, of course, I can’t stand that bodiless bastard) had absconded with Professor Xavier’s brain, Captain Koma had teleported there and was now fixing some sort of contraption to Xavier’s brainless body to control it until… Until when, I don’t know. I assume we’ll just have to get that brain back and get it into his body. I can help out with the first part of that, of course, but the second isn’t exactly my forte. I’m not what you’d call a brain scientist.

Somehow, this seems like some sort of lame episode of some bad Sci Fi show.

My thoughts were interrupted by the pinging on my Wristcomm. I looked at the message and saw that it came from TX. Dammit, she’s that fracking cyborg Terminator from the future. She tagged me with a meme?

Frack. I quickly wiped my Wristcomm and zugged it out completely. If she gets into this thing, who knows what kind of a nuisance she’d be. Fortunately, my Wirstcomm syncs with Outlook on my ship’s maincomputer. I’ll lose all my messages and contacts on the device but at least I’ll be able to reload them.

Here we go.

The rules:
Must post the rule.
Must link back to the person whose blog-birthday it is...
Must post comment when you are done

What to do:
Fill out the following:
01] I loathe Sky.
02]Sky is a cybernetic pestilence.
03] If I were in a room with Sky, I would ask her if she wants a glass of juice.
04] I think Sky should log off.
05] Sky needs nothing really, I think.
06] I want to do the Charleston with Sky.
07] Someday Sky will forget to recharge her batteries.
08] Sky reminds me of a Terminiatrix and Species smooshed into one.
09] Without Sky teh intenets would be safe.
10] My memories of Sky are filled with dirty, dirty thoughts.
11] Sky can be a real lasertronic technothelonic abdoirnoix.
12] The worst thing about Sky is that whole evil Terminator thing.
13] The best thing about Sky is that good side she sometimes shows.
14] I am sometimes partying with Sky.
15] One thing I would like to know about Sky is who does her hair?
16] Sky should go and return to the future.
17] Sky lusts after me
18) What I like best about Sky's blog is that scrolly thing at the top.
19) What I dislike about Sky's blog is it wants to sing to me, what is this mySpace?
20) My favorite post from Sky is her blogversary.


captain koma said...

Well that was useless in progressing the story.

Am I doing all the moving of this plot now?

Nepharia said...

Gee, I hope sky doesn't decide to hack your blog or send you an email virus.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Both Seven and I got caught with Sky's meme.

Vegeta said...

memes ugh

Dr. Zaius said...


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Yeah zugged, you know zeroed out.