Friday, May 23, 2008

Xavier's brain is Missing!

After my little aerial engagement with Nemonok, I decided to fly to the Xavier’s Mansion to hook up with the X-Men. Along the way, I saw the charred fuselage of their Blackbird jet smoldering on the ground. I quickly landed and ran up to the site of the wreckage. Looks like their plane got shot down again but I didn’t see any X-Men here though.

“That damned bitch, where did she go?” I heard a shout. I turned and saw Captain Koma standing there with his fists balled up in impotent rage. Some woman was standing next to him with her arms crossed and a perturbed look on her face.

“Koma!” I ran up to him. Yeah, I know Koma’s a villain but I honestly haven’t heard anything about him in like two years. Plus he’s Australian; the Land Down Under isn’t my usual stomping grounds. “Hey what’s going on?”

Koma begrudgingly explained that he was in the X-Jet with the X-Men when it was shot down. He then went on to explain that the Scarlet Witch met up with the group and She elected to take them to Xavier’s brain. Instead, it seems, she teleported them all over the world, then dumped off Koma and his companion here and disappeared completely. He ended his tirade with one more curse aimed at the magical mutant.

“I was just fighting Nemonok a short while ago,” I explained. “I damaged his ship but he warped away. Fortunately, it was a space fold and my ship’s sensors were able to track where he warped to. His ship’s on the outer reaches of this solar system.”

“Well let’s go get him,” Koma growled.

“There’s room for two more on the Danger Sled.” I threw a thumb back towards my ship.

“Then let’s go,” the woman said.

We quickly roared into the upper reaches of the atmosphere and headed on an intercept course with Nemonok’s ship. Once in flight, Koma introduced me to his companion Chroma and explained her ability to turn into living metal.

“Hey, that’s pretty cool,” I said. “I bet when you’re metal, you don’t have to worry about needing a sports bra or anything, huh?”

Behind my back, Chroma made some sort of gesture at me though I couldn’t see it as I looked at my scopes. From the copilot’s seat, Koma calmed her down with a placating gesture.

“When you’re done insulting her,” he said icily, perhaps you could tell us how long it’ll take us to get there.”

“Oh we’ll be there real fast,” I answered. “The only problem is, we won’t be alone. Sensors have picked up a battle cruiser in the area. If Nemonok’s calling in reinforcements, Earth may be in a lot of trouble.”

“Your sensors indicate that it’s a Shi’Ar craft,” Koma said while looking at the scopes from his position.

“Well that certainly makes things interesting,” I muttered.

“The Shi’Ar?” Chroma asked.

“Yeah, a race of bird people,” Koma explained. “They’ve got a pretty big galactic empire and oh yeah, Xavier and their queen have the hots for each other.”

“I can imagine why they’re here, then,” she replied with a guffaw.

“Yeah well, we’ll be face to face with them soon enough,” I muttered. “They’ve got us in a tractor beam.”

The Danger Sled shuddered as the warship’s beams pulled and guided us to its docking bay.


Vegeta said...

We aliens seem to love this sector

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Having one's brain missing cuts down the conversation.

Professor Xavier said...

I wouldn't trust Wanda to take out the garbage at this point. The girl isn't quite stable.

Ghost of SHI said...

Seems like a lot of action here

Anonymous said...

So Jon did you bring your Jar head to help with that Jar brain?

mwb said...

Sh'it it's Shi'ar!

Dr. Zaius said...

I have a "space fold" in my trousers. Well - it's more of a crease, really...