Friday, August 05, 2005

Princess Leia, the Woman, the Myth, the Photo Album

I have a dark secret. Back in my younger days, I had a huge crush on Princess Leia. She was pretty and regal, but she was headstrong and not afraid to take care of business. Of course, I am all grown up and over this childhood fantasy, but I still have my shoebox full of Princess Leia stuff. I hope she doesn't feel creeped out by this.

Dressed in her regal best.

The Princess aboard her ship Tantive IV.

Princess, look over here. No over here!

Here's a young Princess Leia playing the popular Alderaan game of "Senators and Pageboys."

Even princesses have awkward teenage years.

This is cool, I think this is a Princess Leia mask from Alderaan Day or something.

Here she is giving a ride to a couple of nice fellows in her landspeeder.

Here she is next to some guy who should be so happy to have a few minutes of fame by being photographed next to a space princess.

Though the Princess is a peace-loving being, she is not above busting a cap should the need arise.

At a lovely dinner on Cloud City.

Kissing a pirate! Oh the scandal!

Kissing a space pirate is one thing, but kissing a droid?

Kissing her brother! This is getting worse!

Kissing herself? Oh my goodness!

Well, I guess kissing the Baron Administrator of a gas mining city isn't that bad, he seems a bit shady, though. He could be planning something.

A gentleman would not comment on this.

And finally, Princess Leia's darkest secret.


Oola said...

k......thosed last few ones were weird.At least somebody has warm fuzzie piccys in there blog *wink**wink* coughoolasblogcough.

Leia said...

Aww, Jon, I'm flattered... Hey! Where'd you get those last couple of pics? I thought the government held those!

Ivy said...

Hi! Michele sent me.. I'm sure you arent the only one with a shoebox full of memories..

flu said...

This photo album is mucho better than the last.

*looks back and forth and whispers*: but don't tell any of your Trekkie-buds I said that

Aayla Secura said...

Leia's been around with the mouth, hasn't she?

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

she is our so loved kissing bearded princess!

Leia Skywalker Solo said...

I'm so glad the photographers caught me on such a perky day (with the last one). I was just off to get some coffee at Starbuckers!

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