Thursday, June 02, 2005

Buck Rogers Seduces Evil Space Vixen During Roller Disco

Space Station Orion, 25th Century – Captain William “Buck” Rogers, former NASA Astronaut and current operative for the Earth Defense Force, Seduced the evil space vixen Princess Ardala during his investigation of the increasing attacks from Space Pirates.

While on board Space Station Orion, a pleasure resort in orbit around Mars, the roguish pilot was invited to dine with Princess Ardala at her private table. Rogers joined her at a delicious banquet of space food while watching Orion’s visitors dance to futuristic synthesizer music while holding lighted tubes and wearing roller skates. Ardala, enchanted by the always-charming Rogers asked him to accompany her to her private suite, much to Killer Kane’s chagrin.

Rogers and Ardala shared a glass of space wine while making small talk, then after the space queen ordered Kane and her bodyguard Tigerman out of the room, the couple talked a bit more intimately as Ardala allegedly attempted to drug Rogers by dropping a knockout pill into his drink. The daring captain was able to switch glasses, knocking the vixen out, and allowing him to sneak around the satellite.

Though moving through the space station as stealthily as possible, pressing his body against walls and ducking around corners to avoid the guards, Rogers eventually came face to face with a sentry his approximate height and build. With his mission in danger of being compromised, Buck, quickly dispatched the guard with a double ax handle smash to his stomach and a judo chop to the side of the neck.

Donning the soldier’s uniform, Buck was able to collect evidence that the Space Pirates are actually led by Queen Ardala and are planning a daring assault on Earth. With this newfound knowledge, Buck attempted to get back to his Starfighter before being discovered. Unfortunately, Kane and Tigerman found him and attacked.

Buck, unable to overpower the large brute, was captured and brought before the princess. Princess Ardala, dismayed that her new friend tried to betray her, ordered him bound and brought to the control room where he could watch the attack on Earth before Tigerman finishes him off.

Will Buck Rogers be able to escape and stop the attack? Tune in next week to find out.


The Complimenting Commenter said...

The drama, the suspense! Such a cool and entertaining post. I must keep coming and find out how it all turns out.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

All in the line of duty! Buck is really dedicated.

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