Thursday, June 23, 2005

Curse you J'onn M'adden 2005

I am J'onn M'adden and I control the spice!

Because she loves me or perhaps because she doesn't want to see me for several hours a day or perhaps because the price went down a bit, my wife bought me J'onn M'adden 2005 for father's day. I would hate to be a M'adden mark, but this thing is pretty fun.

I just started out playing a franchise with the beloved Chicago's Bears and it has a lot more involvement than just playing an Earth American football game. You have to keep the players happy, run training camps, read the papers and listen to some dingbat's radio show. I am getting used to the controls, but it is similar to 2003, my previous version, so the learning curve isn't too bad. I am using a Sidewinder from a few years ago and so I don't have the "hitstick" to lay the proverbial smackdown on my opponent, maybe I'll get a new controller some day.

I think all of the M'addenisms are there, so fans of hearing him say "Boom!" "Wow!" and "Otomotopia!" will not be disappointed.

I did have to buy a new video card to play it, though. When my wife heard the price of the card, she was angrier than a three-legged gundark at a spelling bee! Sometimes you just can't explain to some people the price of keeping a computer in top condition...

So I'm really busy mastering my new game. If you don't hear from me, don't assume that I have met an unglorious defeat by the likes of M'abau the Mauler or Abbi the Butcher, I'm just playing M'adden.

Oh my God, it's a chestburster!


Aayla Secura said...

Have fun!

Van said...

As long you spent more on your wedding ring than any single piece of computer hardware, you are catagorically excluded from riducule.

See bylaws of Matrimony, XXII, Section 3, line 271-9; "Computer Upgrades and Spousal Hapiness"