Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Movies that rock in a certain way

Spaced Invaders

Spaced Invaders, for some reason, has been one of my favorites for a long time. It's one of those guilty pleasure movies that always brings a smile to my face whenever I see it.

The story begins with the Martians invading Acrturus, and in order to maintain military discipline, the leader introduces the Enforcement Drone -- whose job is to disintegrate any Martian who displays a lick of common sense.

Cut to a lone scout ship looking to hook up with the fleet, they hear Orson Wells' radio broadcast of War of the Worlds and think that the fleet is invading Earth. They fly to Big Bean, Illinois and hijinkery ensues.

The townspeople at first don't realize that the Martians are invading because it's Halloween and because basically both the townspeople and the invaders are kind of stupid. Along the way, the Sheriff's daughter, a boy dressed like a duck, along with a crotchety old farmer, the sheriff and his deputy eventually blow up the Enforcement Drone, get the Martians off Earth, and save the farmer's land. Yeah, that's a quick synopsis, I hope I didn't spoil the ending for you.

Like I said, this movie is very chuckle-inducing, nothing here is treated very seriously and everyone gets a good line in at some point. Fer instance:

Martian Soldier: Sir, the Arcturans have destroyed the remainder of the fleet. I sent a distress signal to all ships across the galaxy, BUT we're headed straight into their sun, and our engines are about to explode.
Enforcer Drone: I have not yet begun to fight.
Martian Soldier: Now would be a great time to start.

Blaznee (The Martian pilot explaining what's wrong with the ship): Well, let's see. We got a torqued-out digi-framus, our mega-spaz redundancy pile is on the blink, and it looks like we bruised our boo-boo.

Kathy: But, Dad, they're not really bad, they're just... stupid.

Corporal Pez: I knew it, I'm going home in a bag. It's always the corporal that gets blown up first (Anyone who's been a lower enlisted in a room full of officers can appreciate that).

Deputy Russell [pulls gun]: Hold it right there! Are you a Martian?
Brian: I'm a duck!

One of the greatest movies of all time it isn't, but if you have 100 minutes to kill and you want to have a few larfs, rent and/or buy this movie RIGHT NOW!

I'm Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator and I give it a thumbs up.

(Thumbs up copyrighted by Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper)

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