Thursday, August 17, 2006

On board the Queen's ship

The officer led me to the bridge of Galaxy One, I tried to get information from him but he was tight lipped about what’s going on.

Finally we reached the command center, there was the usual buzz of activity as the officers and crew busied themselves at their stations. The queen was sitting on her dais. I approached her and dropped to my knee.

“My Queen,” I said. “It is a pleasure to be in Your presence once again.”

“Rise, Gladiator,” She replied coolly. “It is indeed My pleasure, but it is also not a time for formalities. Once again, your abilities are needed in service of My galaxy.”

With that, a scientist stepped forward and an image flickered on a screen.

“Several dats ago, relatively equivalent to your Earth day,” he began. “Our long range scanners picked up this ship at the edge of our galaxy.”

I looked at the ship; I couldn’t believe what I saw. “That thing looks… organic,” I said.

“Indeed it does, Earthman” affirmed the scientist. “It is a species we have never encountered before. A living ship is truly an amazing sight. Something no one could have conceived of before now.”

“And you want me to go fly to that thing to say hello?” I asked.

“We would be honored if you did,” said the Queen. I saw the scientist’s upper lip curl up in to the slightest sneer.

“Well sure, I’ll go,” I answered. “First contact situations aren’t really my forte, though.”

“That is why we have asked another of you kind to join you,” she answered.

A door slid open and a familiar face rolled forward.

Professor Xavier,” I smiled and put my hand forward to shake his.

“It is a pleasure to see you once again, Jon,” he shook my hand.

“This ship, if it is truly alive, is the most unusual and foreign entity we have encountered,” said the Queen. “Making contact with it may be a most difficult task, but we must do so before My evil brother does.”

I thought about Galactor the Evil Galactic Overlord and how much evil his has brought onto the galaxy. I certainly didn't want him to get his hands on this, either.

“It would be an honor to serve you this way,” Professor X spoke diplomatically.

“Yeah, it will be mine also,” I answered.

“Professor S’Magmier will accompany you,” the Queen continued. “He is my best scientist in the matter of Xenoforms.”

I saw him sneer just a little bit again.

“Well, let’s get going, gents,” I said. “Time for us to fly.”


flu said...

Hey Jon, while you're there, could you point out to the Queen that several radio stations have banned that Blount guy, and then ask if Earth can be reconsidered?


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

cool! Hey if it turns out to be a neat organic item like a KitKat bar, break me off a peice. mmmmm space choclate and space wafers.

Professor Xavier said...

The number one rule of First Contact is to not eat the alien. Sorry, Tak.

Magdalena said...

is it me or does the queen and charles seem awfully cozy?

Charles conviently chooses to stay behind and leaves me in charge to go to DC and now he leaves????

I think he knew the Queen was coming

I need to talk with Miss Tart

Anonymous said...

slaps Hudson hey wake up

Anonymous said...

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