Monday, February 13, 2006

In the hotel...

Klinger and I got to the hotel and walked up to the front desk. The clerk looked up from his computer. He looked down and then quickly looked up again, his eyes bulging out ever so slightly.

"May I... help you?" he asked, regaining his composure.

"We have a reservation for the Honeymoon Suite," I said.

"Of course." Looked down his nose at us. "You two look... lovely... together."

Klinger and I looked at one another.

"Oh yeah," Klinger asserted. "We have so much in common."

"We can't get enough of each other," I stammered.

We smiled.

"Right," sniffed the clerk. "Here are your keycards. The finest Space Champagne is available in your room. If you need anything, please don't... hesitate to ask."

"Thanks!" I said. I snapped the keys from his hand.

We took the elevator up to our floor. Coincidentally, Gervais was standing outside the door to his room. "Hello, there. I guess we're neighbors then, eh?"

"Good morning," I shook his hand. "I'm Priva-- uh, Corp, er, Hudson-sky. Yeah, Bill Hudsonsky. I work for a private corporation. Yeah. This is my wife, Klingera."

"And you're here on your honeymoon, hey?"

"Oh, we're so much in love," Klinger wrapped his arms around me.

"Yeah," Gervais leered. "You're a lucky man. A sweet little thing, right? Take good care of that one, 'cuz if you don't I might have to, eh?

I winced just a bit as he nudged me with his elbow.

"Oh, I'll do that."

"Let's go, honey," Klinger shot his thumb towards the door to our room. "I have to put on my face."

I unlocked the door with the keycard.

"Wait wait wait," Gervais said. "You've got to carry her across the threshold, right?"

"Oh well, I uh..." I mumbled.

"We already did it!" Klinger blurted.

"Aw," the villain smiled. "Go on, you're a lovely, lovely couple."

I hoisted Klinger up and carried him through the doorway. I kicked the door closed and dropped him.

"Hey!" he complained as he thumped on the floor.

"Look here, fruitcake," I said to him. "We are just posing as husband and wife to get close to this criminal. There won't be any hanky panky going on in this room!"

"Fine by me," Klinger held up his hands. "I don't go for that, anyway. I'm a married man."


"Well what did you think?" he said. "Of course I'm married. I originally tried dressing up like a woman to get a Section 8. That didn't work, but the Office of Strategic Services discovered me and I've been going under cover like this ever since."

"Oh so you're..."

"This is my last mission," he insisted. "After that, I'm retiring. Soon-Lee and I are going to live in a nice little place and take care of her family farm. Well, either that, or I'll work for my old CO at a veteran's hospital in the Midwest."

"Oh, you don't want to do that," I said. "You really don't want to do that."

"Space Ace, this is Star Child," I heard over the radio. It was Levy. "Come in, over."

"This is Space Ace," I replied.

"We're in position in our room and we're set."

"Roger that," I said. "Oddball, are you there?"

"Oh yeah, man," came Oddball's voice. "Crazy! I mean like so many positive waves maybe we can't lose!"

"Right," I answered. "Huxley's in position, too. The operation is a go."


Anonymous said...

watch out , I think Grievous has an eye for Klingera.

flu said...

What the HECK is WRONG with you Hudson!!!!!

You shoulda had Huxley posing as the wife, and Klinger as the street walker!

com'ere, lemme slap your forehead for you...


Private Hudson said...

Now why didn't I think of that?

*slaps forehead*

Ah well, I guess it's too late now.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

I think Huxley looks better in the maid outfit then Klinger ever would.

So, who gets the bed and who gets the floor?

Private Hudson said...

Well, rank does have its privileges.

On the other hand, a good leader would give up the bed for his troop.

Oh, this is the most difficult decision of my career as a leader yet.

Anonymous said...

oh your both adults just put a sheet across and share :P

after all what ya got to loose he is married

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Hudson, your heart say floor, but your eyes say "can I please get another room"

Mailman said...

I have a Valentine's card from Vampirella

Private Hudson said...

I think the Valaentine's card from you is broken, Vamirella.