Monday, May 22, 2006

Fighting our way out of Death City

Hudson, Jan the Intergalactic Aviator and I made our way to the turbolift and piled into it when the doors opened. Fortunately, it appeared that most of the troops on the station were distracted by the epic clash between the two Garth Vaders.

I punched the button for Level 7 and the lift started moving.

"Level 7?" Jan asked. "We need to go to the docking bay level, not 7."

"Remember," I replied. "I have a plan. We're going to blow this station up, but we have to stop here first."

"Oh man," Hudson started sweating. "Level 7."

The lift clanged to a halt at 7 and we stepped out. I walked down the hall to the station's vendateria and walked up to the counter.

"Your plan involves lunch?" Jan stood next to me."

"I could use a Snicker bar," Hudson added.

"I'm not getting lunch, people," I looked at the cook standing behind the counter. "I want one banana please."

The cook mumbled something under his breath and went to go get a banana.

"A banana?" Jan's brows furled. "What are you, some kind of Monkeyboy or something?"

"Don't say that!" I shook my index finger at her. "Don't you dare say that!"

"That'll be .78 space credits," the cook growled. "Would you like a bag?" he added sarcastically.

"No thank you." I took the banana and headed back to the turbolift.

"How are you going to blow up the station with a banana?" Hudson asked while trotting to keep up with me.

We rode the lift down to the docking bay level and I strode out towards Jan's ship. My two companions strode to match my step.

"Well?" Jan asked.

"I'm going out there," I said and pointed out the docking bay doors. "I'm going to plug that exhaust port with this." I held up the banana.

"You're crazy," Jan laughed. "You won't last five minutes out there with those fighters swarming around."

"That's why I need you and Hudson to keep them off my tail."

I grabbed a space suit and started putting it on. Jan and Hudson looked at each other and reluctantly helped me.


flu said...


That might be too mushy! Go with a raw potato. They're much more rigid.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Oh man!

*slaps forhead*

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Jon, I hope your version of "Banana in the tailpipe" is a lot different from JoJo. Cuz if not let me be the first to say 'EWWWWWWWWWW"

Professor Xavier said...

Who's the baddest?

Professor Xavier said...

Who's the prettiest?

Professor Xavier said...

Sho-Nuf, the Shogun of Harlem!!

Anonymous said...

The Ole Bannana In The Tail Pipe Trick.

I Hope That Ship Has Got A Small Tailpipe.

Karnov said...

Definitely should gone with the potato... but a jimmy-hat works fine on the tailpipes too.

Vegeta said...

It's so insane it might just work

Lori said...

Did you not see the Mythbusters do this??...LOL

Have a great day!!!

Magdalena said...

you could have just made a cherry bomb from common house ingredents found in the kitchen and so forth

... what just because I work for the church doesnt mean I am a saint

Gyrobo said...

Will our hero make it out in time?! Tune in next week for another exciting adventure of Intergalactic Gladiator!