Friday, July 08, 2005

Captain Picard

Captain Picard made an unexpected visit to my place last night.

It was late and things were quieting down, Kiera was asleep and my wife was in the bedroom watching King Of Queens. I was in my office playing a little M'adden Football before bed and I hear the harpish hum of a transporter.

"Damn that Karsshov," I hear the unmistakable voice slurring. I look up and I see Picard, drunk as a skunk and naked as a jaybird.

"Oh Captain, you must have had a rough night."

The Captain kept mumbling about time traveling and slingshotting and preventing some admiral from being born. I felt so bad for the poor guy, he must have had a real tough run in with some devastatingly evil psychic presence.

"Must...Karshov....ungh..." He collapses into a chair, fortunately, his communicator drops out of his hand and I am able to activate it. The computer responds and we are soon beamed aboard the captain's yacht. Evidently, he took it for a joy ride after drinking himself into oblivion.

I get Picard into a robe and get him settled down in a couch, he is still asleep as he cuddles up with a blanket mumbling something about "four lights."

I give the computer orders to warp back to the Enterprise and it gives me an "affirmative" before beaming me back home. Interesting how the computer's voice sounds so familiar. Almost like Captain Pike's Number One or Nurse chapel or Lwaxana Troi with a computerized twinge.

I hope the good Captain doesn't have too much of a hangover in the morning.


flu said...

Wow, that Captain was snookered!

He looks like he's trying to shoot some Force lightning out of his fingers!

...well, either that, or he's busy swatting at the little fairies flying around his head due to his alcohol-induced hallucinations.

Those fairies are a real nuisance....uh, or so I'm told.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

No wonder I have a headache today!

Thanks for beaming me back home.

InterstellarLass said...

Dayum! The Captain is a hottie!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks, interstellarlass! I have my pics and a 12 part questionairre this weekend!

Leia said...

You know, the bast cure for a hangover is more beer.

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