Monday, July 25, 2005

Murder at Moor Manor

I have a bit of a secret, I've been writing a mystery play. I know that sounds a bit unusual, but I've been a huge fan of the Hacknorian mystery series Herculoid P'oirot for the longest time. After reading so many of these great stories, I thought that I would try my hand at creating one.

Famed Sleuth Herculoid P'oirot
Please bear in mind in that this is a work in progress. This is the scene where a body is about to be discovered in the mansion.

Bunny rolls a serving cart into the front room and offers the Lord and Lady tea.

Bunny: Would you like some tea, Lord Thistlebottom?
Lord Thistlebottom: Quite. Verily. Harumph harumph.
Bunny: I say, it was a dreadful storm last night. I swear the thunder kept me shivering under covers at all hours.
Lord Thistlebottom: Aye, that was a bloody loud storm all right.
Lady Thistlebottom: I daresay that it kept me shivering in my bedclothes as well. The thunder sounded — murderously loud, indeed.
Bunny: Indeed.
Lord Thistlebottom: Pip, pip.

Roger enters in all white and carrying a racket.

Roger: Morning, all, I am to meet Randy early for our squash match today.
Lady Thistlebottom: Roger, you sit down right now and eat a warm meal. It is so cold out there you’ll catch your death.
Roger: Oh mother, you worry so.
Lord Thistlebottom: Hear hear. Harumph.
Lady Thistlebottom: Harumph indeed.

The doorbell rings and Bunny leaves to answer it.

Lord Thistlebottom: Harumph indeed? Why, Lady Thistlebottom, your senseless prattling never ceases to amaze me. Never ceases to amaze me and drives me to drink.

Lord Thistlebottom pulls a flask out from his robe pocket.

Lady Thistlebottom: Oh, I wish that you didn’t drink so. Remember what happened to poor Uncle Herbert?
Lord Thistlebottom: Remember? I’m drinking to forget.

Bunny reenters followed by Inspector Reynaldo.

Bunny: Lady and gentlemen, Inspector Reynaldo.
Lady Thistlebottom: Good day, Inspector. What brings you here on this day?
Inspector Reynaldo: Good day, all. Unfortunately my visit here is of business. I am afraid last night’s storm washed out the only bridge into town. We are — trapped here at Moore Manor until… I say, what is that in that corner behind the curtain?


Anonymous said...

I think that you should stick with the Intergalactic Gladiator gig.

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely pay to see that.

Draco-7 said...

I can feel the tension. Was it somehow inspired by your intergalactic gladiator-ness?

j00|{z said...

I'd pay to see that too! Very... sophisticated. Where do you come up with these names?

turboslut said...

Well, I was enthralled. It sent a shiver down my spine ;)

I love the pics of you in your last post btw.

If you feel like it drop by my blog. I am asking my fellow bloggers to ask me 3 questions of their choice. Come and play.

flu said...

I'm amazed!... I mean, who could have quessed that Thistlebottoms are capable of producing so many harumphs! :-O

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A great story here!