Monday, October 24, 2005

The Flight to Asteroid X

Cyclops, the Beast and I were hurling towards Asteroid X in the Danger Sled. I looked at my two companions.

"Aren't there more X-Men?" I asked.

"Certainly. There are plenty of X-Men," the Beast answered.

"Sometimes, you can't lift a rock without finding a new mutant... or a New Mutant," Cyclops added.

My mind was whirring, thinking of our situation, thinking of what awaited us at our destination, thinking of the X-Men.

"And are we the best three for this mission?" I asked.

"The best available," Cylcops replied. "Hank's scientific mind and brawn are his two greatest assets and my piloting skills and optic blasts are mine." He thought for a moment. "And along with your Intergalactic Gladiating skills, you have a ship that we can use."

I thought for a moment.

"Isn't there another X-Man who's fighting skills and mutant healing factor would be useful against the Brood?" I asked.

"Aw geez," the Beast sighed. "Here we go again."


"Everyone likes Wolverine, it's always 'Wolverine this' and 'Wolverine that.' It is as if he is the only X-Man anyone knows." complained the Beast.

"I'm the best at what I do," Cyclops said mockingly. "I'm the best at what I do, and what I do ain't pretty, bub."

"You should know," the Beast continued. "We were X-Men first, I was on the Avengers and the Defenders. Cylcops was on plenty of teams as well, and we've got plenty to bring to the table. But who do the Avengers or SHIELD or whoever want? Is it the us? Noooooooo! It's Wolverine."

"We're a little Wolverined out," Cyclops conceded. "It seems like he's everywhere."

"In any case," the Beast concluded. "Wolverine is on another mission."

Another mission? I thought. I wonder what that could be.

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Captain Typho said...



Professor Xavier said...

I totally agree with Wolverine. If he hears there's a new mutant team out there, his absolutely insists that he be on it. He's even joining non-mutant teams. I keep telling him that he won't get over time but does he listen? Of course not. And be glad he's not on that ship with you. Let's just say he doesn't have much control over his bodily emmisions.

And as far as his stint on stage? He's never going to live that down.

Beast said...

I personally believe that to be Wolvie’s true personality emerging…



Bip said...

It would explain his over macho image.