Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Space Battle part 1, The Battle in Space

I was flying home in the Danger Sled when I saw an evil alien armada heading towards Earth. I quickly realized that I was Earth's only hope and as such, flew my ship towards the enemy.

I first flew past wing after wing of enemy ships, my Heads Up Display registered how many hits I "scored" against them.

One tried to capture me in a tractor beam!

I performed evasive manuvers, avoided the alien interceptor, and took them out.

I soon came upon their huge space station, my only choice was the Trench Run Gambit. Their fighters would have to avoid each other and the station's defenses to take me out. One slip up on my part, though, and it would be game over.

A huge wall! I knew my goal was just over this hurdle and I aimed for that convieniently open section of brick at the top of the wall.

"Yar!" I yelled like some sort of pirate, I had made it to the stations power generator! This power generator wasn't defenseless, though. As well as powerful energy shielding, the generator was able to spin itself around, gathering energy to launch at it's assailant, naimly me.

I knew what I needed to do, though. Using the Danger Sled's front mandibles as energy collectors, I nibbled away at the shield until I could get a clear shot and boom.

Earth wasn't out of jeopardy yet! I saw that the aliens had established a moon base, I knew that I would have to get there and take them down! They were clever, though. They mined the space with thousands of asteroids! I had to fight my way through them to get to the moon!

I blasted through the tumbling space rocks and gunned the engines for the moon. I couldn't help but to think back to my high school football days. We were behind by 5 points and had the ball on their 15 yard line. We had less than 2 minutes to play and we needed a touchdown.

The coach, chewing on his cigar, said "I know what we need to do." He turned to me and yelled "Get the hell out of my way, I'm trying to win the football game here!"

I landed on the moon and launched my buggy, I needed to negotiate this terrain and take out the enemies base!

To be continued....


Master Yoda said...
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Master Yoda said...

The feeling I have that at some point in your mission, need more quarters you will.

But, if your mission you accomplish, forget to enter your initials at the end do not.

flu said...

Golly, them's some lame-o scores.

Is that why you jumped from game to g... I mean, mission to mission so quick?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Well, Fluke, I was awfully busy fighting the Space Battle part 1, the Battle in Space to worry about every bonus balloon and floating treasure chest full of points that floated by. Next time I fight evil alien sprites for the survival of my homeworld, I'll be sure to get to that bonus level.

Leia said...

Would you sign your initials be JIG?