Monday, October 10, 2005

Space Battle Part 4, The Final Countdown

After barreling past the anthropomorphic mushroom, I chased the mutant alien zombie aliens into their underground lair. It started to seem like my self-appointed Mission to stop them would be Impossible.

I was spinning around and around, I started to feel like I was caught in a Twister...

But once I get through these levels, I would be one step closer to ending this.
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Deeper I went into the command center, fighting evil alien mutant aliens along the way.
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I am certainly not a Xenophobe, but all of these evil aliens around were enough to give me the jitters.

Evil alien mutant zombies were everywhere. Fortunately, they loved to dance.

Finally, I blasted my way to the final boss. He was big and he was evil, but he was also ready to monologue.
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"You Earthers," he sneered. "Such a self-destructive, backward race. It will be easy to reduce you humans into a limping, drooling race of mutant zombies. After that, I will harvest you as space slaves, food, whatever my loosely-affiliated group of evil alien allies want! And no one will stop me! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

It was an evil laugh. "That's where you're wrong, pal." I said.

"And who's going to stop me? You?" he sneered again.

"That's right."

"You are the only one here, I'm afraid that your friends on the surface will not be able to help you."

"You are also right, there."

"You are alone and you will die!" he wailed.

"Right and wrong," I answered.

"Fool! I'll dine on your innards! I'll wear your skin for a coat!"

"Wrong and wrong."

With that, I exploded into action. Firing missile after missile and dodging his ranged and melee attacks.

"Most impressive for an Earth-man," he conceded. "What is your name so I can print it underneath your head that I will display on the wall like a trophy or plaque?"

"The name is Jon," I said, dodging a slimy swipe of his claw. "And yours?"

"I am Galactor, the Evil Galactic Overlord! That is the last thing you will hear before I crush your bones into a powder, mix it with water and a little sugar, then drink it like a tea!"

"Wrong," I said again, dodging more attacks. I could see that he was wearing down. My attacks would soon finish him off.

Galactor stopped attacking, smoke was pouring out of his pores. He threw his arms into the air and howled.

"Game over." I said.

Galactor exploded! Fat and sinew flew in all directions.
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With that, alarms started wailing throughout the complex. I knew that I had to get out.

To be concluded...
Oh snap, did I just say "concluded?" I meant to say "continued." Where's the edit key?


mar said...

:D now I know what EGO stands for.. Michele sent me!

Master Yoda said...

Still on your first quarter you are. Very impressive that is.

Leia said...

All your base are belong to us!

Karnov said...

"Destroy him, my robots!"