Friday, October 14, 2005

Scotchie Bacci

Scotch loved Uncle Eddie.

Our dog Scotch (aka Scotchie, aka Bacci) has been with my wife for 14 years. She was the sweetest, kindest dog I've known. She was 14, though and her last couple of years were very rough on her. The last two weeks were even worse. We loved her very much, but she was so sick that on Monday we made the tough decision and had her euthanized.

I can remember the way she ran, she had this trot and her tongue would hang out; she looked like she was smiling. She loved chasing squirrels, and even caught one once. She didn't know what to do with it though, and the thing really scratched her up trying to get away.

Several years ago, my wife (to be at the time) and I drove from Chicago to my mother's home in North Carolina. We brought Scotch with and when we got to her house, I let the dog just trot into the house to announce our arrival. Everyone had a good laugh at that.

A few months ago, her front paw seized up and she hobbled around for a day and a half until we got her to the vet. Funny thing, though, as soon as we got to the vet, Scotch hopped out of the car like nothing was wrong. She was completely fine.

Scotch and baby Kiera.

But she's had her bad days, too, and her condition worsened. It got to the point where she couldn't eat and she became dehydrated. She couldn't walk straight and she had such trouble sitting that we felt that it was time.

I don't want any of you Junior Intergalactic Gladiators here to say "Oh, I'm sorry, that's too bad." We're all friends here but I don't really need to hear it. What I want from my visitors is your funny pet stories. Tell me about your wacky dog or the funny things your parrot says or how you taught your goldfish to jump through a flaming hoop. Cat people, you can tell me your funny cat stories too, I suppose.

So click the comment link and fire away. Thanks.


Marisa said...

I have a story for you Jon.

My dog, Duke, is quite the local celebrity. He knows more people in my neighborhood than I do. I couldn't figure out why, when we'd go for walks, people would say hello to Duke and not me. People I DIDN'T KNOW!

Then I figured it out.

One day, I went to a bar around the corner to meet my sister. Since I'd be gone only a few (30 -- don't lecture) minutes, I left Duke in the yard. As I came home later, the waitress from the bar down the street was bringing Duke home. Apparantly, he got out of the yard and wandered in to the bar. That wasn't the 1st time either. I just didn't know about it b/c they kept bringing him back!

Hope that makes you laugh.

panthergirl said...

Thanks for stopping by, via michele.

Here's a funny bird story for you!

Marisa said...

OOPS. Meant to say I'm here via Michele too.

Carmi said...

Hi Jon. Michele sent me - and I just know that she gets that pet people are cool.

My first exposure to a dog, any dog, was my aunt's cocker spaniel, Buffy. After Buffy passed on, she brought home another spaniel named Bingo. Bingo wasn't as well-trained as Buffy was, and he peed. Everywhere.

One night, we were sleeping at her house. My brother, sister and I were on sleeping bags in the living room. I heard a jingling and, in my sleepy state, opened my eyes to see the Bingo's familiar shadow. I started to mumble a greeting as I reached out to pat him when it dawned on me: he was turning around and lifting his leg...over my head!

I managed to yell and shove him away as he opened fire. He missed, but left a trail along the carpet. My aunt eventually found another home for him because the peeing was just too much. But the whizzing spaniel has always brought a smile to my face every time I think of him.

Maggie said...

Hello beautiful dog. I have a rottie who thinks she is a person.
Michele sent me,have a great weekend

TC said...

The cat I used to have, Dusty, was a riot. He used to play fetch with us. We always swore he thought that he was a dog. He met us at the door when we came home from work, he played fetch, he chased his tail. such a funny little cat. We are going to get a do after we move and a dog like Scotch would be a perfect family dog.

Michele sent me

yellojkt said...

I even posted a 100 Things About My Dog post. The weirdest is that he likes to lick my legs after I shower.

Erin said...

Hello from Michele's. Thanks for the dog post, my mother is having our old family dog put down this weekend. It always sucks to lose a pet.

Bill said...

We used to have these two dogs who would sit in our front yard and bark across the highway at these cows off in the distance. The problem was, the barking would echo back from the woods behind the cows. So my dogs thought there were other dogs barking back at them!

Apparently my dogs felt the need to have the last word, so they would just sit there and bark until one of the dogs would turn his/her head to the side and bark at the same time. Since this didn't produce an echo, my dogs figured they had won and would stop barking.

It's just a good thing our closest neighbor was a half-mile a way.

-Bill J.
Master Yoda's Stupid Intern

Shaunta said...

Hello :) Michele sent me.

I have a son who is a crazy little monkey. He loves to climb and hang and plays hard. Nick (he isn't REALLY a monkey! I bet you thought this was a pet monkey story! HA!) has a tiny white cat named Angel. That cat is a monkey, too! I find her all the time hanging off of things, just hanging there by her paws. It's the weridest thing.

kenju said...

Tell yellojkt that my cats lick my legs after a shower and then they hop into the tub and lick that. I have had dogs all my life until 5 years ago, and I can't think of a single funny story about them. There are 2 dogs in my neighborhood that crack me up all the time. One is a small white Lhasa Apso, named Olliver and the other is a large cream-colored lab, named Emily. Ollie and Em are fast companions and their size difference makes us want to call them Oliver and Hardy. They are side by side all day long (as soon as their respective owners let them out for the day). They will sit beside the road and as cars drive by, their heads moving in unison as they watch the cars pass. It is too funny for words, as Ollie leans into Emily and almost topples over.

Thanks for the comment. I bet the way gas seems to be going, it could be $10+ per gallon!

Ciera said...

Our dog Crissy was shot during hunting season. And she had a litter of puppies at the time. It was very sad.

the neat thing about this dog - she would let us do anything to her. Especially my bro. We have a picture of where my bro had put a pair of our sisters underwear on the dog [we were kids...give us a break]. She was a beautiful white lab.

Captain Typho said...

I have a dachshund named Cricket who likes to use a washcloth to wipe her face. If you leave a damp washcloth within her reach she'll grab it, put it on the floor and rub her face into it.

She also does the same thing with the perfume and cologne inserts that you find in magazines and catalogs.

honestyrain said...

ok, i won't say aww that's too bad (but it is). i am reminded of my dog's recent foot trouble. hobbling around all afternoon, seeming to get worse then all of a sudden he was fine. he must have heard us discussing the trip to the vet....

here via michele and i am sorry for your family's loss of scotch.

Heather said...

We have a brand new miniature dachsund puppy. She is so short that she has to hop like a bunny when she tries to run through the grass. It is adorable!

Thank you for visiting me earlier. I like your blog.

turboslut said...

I am convinced my dog, a whippet called Faith, has it in for me. She likes to steal my clothes (only mine) and trip me up whenever she can.

Last Christmas she kept stealing the chocolates off the x-mas tree, and it took me a while to discover who the thief was (I kept blaming the kids).

She also likes to hunt birds, small mammals and cats (I don't think the neighbours approve). I have seen her take a bird out in mid-flight.

Currently she is digging a hole in the backyard so she can take a vacation in Australia.

Love, T xxx

grangergirl said...

I feel 4 u Jon! My dog died 2 years ago & I still miss her despite the fact that we got a new dog just recently. My old dog (her name was Heidi) was my best friend. She was but a few months younger than me, so we pretty much grew up together. She died @ the age of 12. Yes that would make me 14.

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

Scotch suited her name.
Here via Michele's. Doesn't it feel great to know the love for an animal? They are such good souls.

yellojkt said...

Im back from michele. I need to walk my dog. I f he doesn't get a good walk before bedtime he wakes up in the middle of the night and wants his walk then.

Noel of Neptonian said...

What a beautiful dog, what was she?
I have a dog and I did a full post on him today. If you want to read it go t my blog and then go to My Real Life under links. I would put a link on here but I'm not sure how too.SORRY.

If you want an intresting fish story here is one.
My husband has this Piranah and it is huge. And this fish hates nets. You see my husband had to buy a new net because the Piranha chewed a big hole right through it. And just after buying this new net he cleaned it't tank. And once again there is a hole in the net. I guess we have to invest in a metal net or something.

I hope you enjoy my dogs post:-)

flu said...

I had a dog that wouldn't be penned up - he would easily jump over our 4 foot fence. I put up a six footer - he climbed over it. We tried the intermittant shocking electric wires around the top and bottom perimeters to discourage him - he would take the hits and hardly get slowed down. I eventually went to a privacy fence. He dug under it. Electric wire around bottom of it - took the hits and kept on digging. He's a pretty big dog, so I went and got a livestock fence charger thinking it would stop him - nope. I finally had to pour a concrete footing under the entire fence. I could've bought a new speeder with the money that I spent on fencing.

Amy said...

When I lived in Syracuse, my cat would sometimes go missing in my little one-bedroom apartment. I'd hear him meowing, but I couldn't figure out where the heck the animal could be hiding in such a small dwelling. The truth finally came to light when I went into the living room and saw his head- just his head- sticking up from the floor. There was a hole under the radiator, and when my landlord lifted one side of it to straighten it out (it had been lopsided) he'd moved the foot of the radiator just far enough away from the hole to allow the cat to slip his body through the hole and under the floor. That cat had been running around around the floor for weeks, driving me crazy with his (apparently) disembodied meowing. Cats have a weird sense of humor.
I slipped a board under the foot of the radiator, thus cutting off the cat's access to the nether regions of the apartment building. It was days before he forgave me.
This cat has also gotten inside the box springs of my old bed, inside the ceiling at my parents' house, and I've caught him trying to leap into the toilet bowl.

My sister has a picture of a deceased canine pet on her back, and she's thinking of getting a tattoo showing a deceased feline pet, as well, and possibly a deceased avian pet. She doesn't think there's anything strange about covering her body in pictures of dead animals. Nothing strange at all.

flu said...

A neighborhood kid was watching one of my neighbor's dogs while the owners were out of town. The dog was a little yapping thing that chased people, cars, other animals, etc.

The dog had fancy stuff, including this leash that would stretch out, or unwind to become longer, then it would reel itself back up as tension gave and would become shorter.

Anyway this kid took him out for a walk one eve with this leash, and the dog was sniffing around a hydrant or tree or something (as dogs tend to do), when it noticed a person walking on the other side of the street. Of course, it shot off across the road like a four-legged bottle rocket. The kid didn't know how to put a brake on the line feed, and uh... on second thought, this might not be a story you were looking for...

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