Thursday, October 06, 2005

Space Battle Part 2, The Battle on Earth

I made short work of their moon base with my Moon Buggy. Their diversion gave them time to get to Earth, though. I needed to get there and stop them.

I got close to the ground and I fired on the enemy emplacements and fighters.

The saucers were carrying away humans! I knew that I had to be their Defender. I had to shoot those saucers and catch the dropped hostages!

I then swooped down low to Raid the enemy boats and fighters along the River.

Space missiles were raining down from the enemy ships! Fortunately, I was able to alert Missile Command, they would protect the cities of Earth.

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I landed and quickly switched vehicles to stop these Invaders from Space. Ciao, baby!

Then I found out the dire news! The aliens were here already! They had Spies everywhere. I had to Hunt them in my souped up sports car and stop them.

I radioed my status to Mission Command. The Mission Command Commander decided to roll the dice and send me assistance.

To be continued....


Karnov said...

get lazy jones or impossible mission in there somewhere?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

"Destroy them, my robots."

flu said...

Go for the bonus, Jon!!!

ribbiticus said...

what fun! michele sent me. :)