Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Men in underpants and Chewbacca rocks

OK, yesterday I posted an important message intended to warn people about the dangers of too hot hot sauce. In the post, I included a very tasteful image of a woman in her underpants rolling around in snow. I got a positive response from a lot of people about that post (and picture), but I did have one Jr. Intergalactic Gladiator who voiced a concern.

In the comments, Darth Nepharia requested that I include hot guys in their underpants for the female readers. She has a valid point and I agree with it. The Intergalactic Gladiator isn't a sexist, The Intergalactic Gladiator isn't a misogynist, he's all about love.

Therefore, for all my estrogen-rich fans out there (and anyone else who will appreciate this, of course), I present to you hot guys in underpants!

Thank you. Before I go, I'd like to show you one more thing. I didn't realize that Chewie rocked so hard on the drum set. Check this out:

Pretty sweet, huh? I think it's really nice how music can bring together the Empire and the Rebels. We had peace in the Star Wars Galaxy, if for only just a few wonderful minutes.


Darth Nepharia said...

I definitely appreciate the consideration! However, there were, um, a couple of guys in those pics who were of questionable 'hotness' :D

Really enjoyed the encore performance of Gnarles Barkley at the MTV movie awards -- saw that one live a couple of months ago, but it never gets old :D And, yes, Chewie does rock. (Hey, was that Tak on the guitar?!)

Kristi said...

Hey, some of your female readers don't mind seeing pics of hot women. ;)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

No no, no need to thank me Darth M.

And Kristi, it's settled. Men in underpants for some, but women in underpants for all.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

You notice how the Troopers are always the guys on lead guitar or Bass. That is because we rock and have rhythm.

Wedge Antillies said...

I wondered why so many of Rogue squadron were missing. This must be part of that infiltration plan that I heard about.

Private Hudson said...

That last one there, he's a real looker. Rrrrrow!

Professor Xavier said...

Guys in their underwear? What kind of weird, twisted, Rocky Horror-type nightmare page have I wandered onto.

Talk about the dark side of the web.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

That guy in camies and holding up the boxer breifs .... admit it that is Jon the Tech guy who helps you out on your site.

Darth Nepharia said...

Hudson, you get off seeing yourself in your underwear? That's just not right dude.

Xavier, good to see you in your right mind.