Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Shopping trip with Senator Amidala

A short while ago, We were contacted by a delegation from another galaxy as one of the senators from there wanted to make an official visit. I immediately recognized Padmé Amidala as she just recently visited My galaxy to participate in Last Gladiator Standing. I of course granted her access to My court.

On our meeting, she immediately ran up and gave me a hug, which set Major Rocksun on alert.

"At ease, Major," I assured him. "The senator here is just giving Me an informal greeting. She wishes me no harm. Now, Senator Amidala, to what do We owe the pleasure of your visit? Does your galactic senate wish to form a trade alliance of some sort?"

"Oh I am not here on business," she smiled. She then leaned closer to me. "I'm here for the shopping!"

"Shopping?" It seemed like a great distance to go just for shopping. "You came to My galaxy for shopping?"

"Totally," she answered. "When I was here last, I heard that there was a great mall on a commerce planet around here somewhere. I figured swing by, get some of the latest fashions, maybe have one of those giant cookies. Oh, you should totally come, it'll be really cool!"

I was taken aback just a bit by this offer. I have never been invited to "go shopping" before. "I am afraid that My duties as sovereign of the galaxy prevent me from some frivolities. I have assistants who provide me with my necessary clothings."

"You've never been shopping?" she gasped. "Girlfriend, you definitely need to come with me, then!"

"If it pleases you Ma'am, your safety would be assured," Major Rocksun offered. "We could have the Mall of the Galaxies open for only You and the Senator during your visit."

"Close down the mall? No way!" the senator objected. "That is totally not the way to do it."

"I am not concerened for my safety, thank you," I answered. "I am also... intrigued... by your proposition and am willing to accompany you on your purchasing endeavors."

"Ooooh, girl’s night out!" Senator Amidala squealed. "Let's go!"

"I do very much like this outfit," I said. "Though it would not be appropriate for my more formal duties, it is very comfortable and functional."

"Mmmm, the color's good on you, but it just doesn't do it for me," Senator Amidala shook her head. "Let's keep looking.

"I am not sure if this color scheme is 'me,' Senator."

"Oh it totally works on you," she answered. "Most people in long black look all psycho, but you really pull it off. Oh and please, call me Padmé."

"This seems a bit... revealing... to me."

"Oh it looks great," Padmé looked me up and down. "The guys at the beach will totally go nuts over you when they see you in this."

"Really? And I want them to 'go nuts?'"

"Oh yeah, you want them to know that you know that they think you look hot."


"I don't think this really works for you," Padmé said. "Maybe for when you go to some club or something."

"Really? I rather like the hairstyle." I looked at myself at different angles in the mirror. "Many of My ancestors wore their hair in a similar manner."

"Trust me," she sniffed. "The green spikes have been out for at least 30 years."

"I don't believe that I like this outfit, either," I said. "It seems a bit extreme for my tastes."

"Yeah, way too extreme." she agreed.


Professor Xavier said...

More like grrrl's night out. I like that last one with the whip best.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Lucky you, Queen Galacta!

Skywalker said...

Shopping with my girl, huh? Padme knows where all the cool stuff is. That gril can really shop!

Shannon said...

Ooooo, this is SO much fun! Just wait till you hear about the rest of our trip!

Karnov said...

mmm... extreme is good.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

the punk queen is a good look, but only if you are into the "sex Pistols" and want to hear "God Save the Queen"