Monday, December 19, 2005

I will respond to you thusly.

Thanks to all who participated. Should you also do this, it will be reciprocated.
Now my responses, which is what you all anticipated.
I hope no one is alienated, because I'd hate to be disintegrated.

Fluke -- I never called you a proverbial Sherlock Holmes, I called you an ersatz Sherlock Holmes. And I do have leopard print lederhosen, I look fabulous in it.

Vampirella -- I know it's easy to memorize me. Start with my name "Jon," then add my professional title "Intergalactic Gladiator." If you don't forget it, then it's memorized. Also, when I pose for Intergalactic Playgirl, I'll send you a signed copy. Unfortunately, they've yet to return my many calls. There must be an issue with their voicemail system or something.

Professor X -- There's not a chance in this universe that I'd kiss the Queen of the Galaxy. My wife's kind of like Big Barda, but angrier, and there's no way that she wouldn't find out.

Lt. Cmd Oneida -- What do you mean I'm obese? I'm the average weight of a man my size and strength level who engages in moderate regular exercises. Oh wait, you said obtuse.

Lt. Cmd Oneida -- Planet Stetson. After stopping the Jango James Gang, Marshall Mallow gave it to me.

Pvt. Hudson -- No way am I going to let you drive the Danger Sled and scuff up the fenders. And yes, hopefully, we'll get to shoot a bug someday.

Captain Picard -- You cannot invoke the Prime Directive to avoid this. I'll get to work on that meme as soon as you finish your comment to this.

Master Yoda -- I am not addicted to My Little Pony. I buy them for my daughter, only I can't let them out of the packages to let her play with them because then they won't be in mint condition anymore.

Vegeta -- The stun blaster is a non-lethal weapon. I just can't go around killing everyone who looks at me cross-eyed can I? Well OK, I guess some places I can.

Jabafatboy -- If you mean Zero G Twister, then yes we did play it. And no, I didn't win.

Beanhead -- Thanks for stopping by. If you come again, please feel free to use one of my convenient pre-made comments, located on the link on the right column.

Sandy -- Sorry that you didn't want to play, maybe next time. You can also use a pre-made comment should you visit again.

Tara -- Steal away, I liberated it from Fluke Starbucker.

Professor X -- Don't worry, I've still got the hat.

Obi-Wan -- I thought that was you who leaves toenail clippings everywhere. Nonetheless, that was a great trip to the zoo, sorry about the balloon, though.

Lori -- Why do you keep mentioning my love of beer? You don't know me! You don't know me! (That was supposed to sound like a drunk) OK, anyway, I'm not sure what my favorite song is, but it certainly is not Banana Phone.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

The Temporal Prime Directive is paramount

Lori said...

Boy did you ever sound drunk!!!....LOL

Have a great day!!!