Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Intergalactic Interlude

On a planet befouled by evil, in a construct merging vile science with dark magicks he stood gazing over images on the viewscreen.

"He has confounded my plans," the dark figure announced to no one in particular. "He has stood in my way and he will be destroyed."

Several scientists stood hunched over their computers and working on equipment. Dark mages hummed their evil incantations. One scientist dared to speak to his evil master.

"Master," he bowed. "The Conflux of Evil is nearly complete. The portal will soon be opened."

The dark figure grew darker, the air around him befouled by his very presence. "My greatest enemy will soon be my greatest ally. The irony is sweet."

"Great Lord, technically your enemy will not become your ally," the scientist bowed lower. "It will be a hulff--"

"Silence!" With a powerful backhand, the scientist was sent sprawling across the room and into a corner, his neck broken.

"Hmm, he was a good evil scientist, too." The malevolent master snapped his fingers and two beings scurried to take the body away. "Reanimate him, it would be unfortunate to squander such good material. Also, download his brain, his mind would be a terrible thing to waste."

"Yes my Lord." The beings dragged the body out of the room. The zombified scientist's brain would be preserved as data even as his resurrected body decayed away.

The technomages raised their arms as their chanting grew in intensity. The scientists threw switches and turned dials. The humming of the dark machinery increased. Giant arcs of energy leaped between diodes. A rip formed in the air and a tear between universes yawned wide.

A dark figure stepped through the opened portal. "Who summoned me?" Evil Jon said, a vicious grin cracked across his face.

The terrifying tyrant laughed heartily.

"I have," said Galactor, the Evil Galactic Overlord.


Captain Berk said...

I thought about growing a moustache once, but Starfleet said I would be classed as 'evil' unless it was attached to a full beard.

Thank god I never went through with it.

Perhaps there is an evil me in another dimension as well. I wonder who is better looking?

Master Yoda said...

If a nickel I had for every time to me this happened...

Private Hudson said...

Oh man, game over!

Wedge Antillies said...

Just tell yourself that behind that haunting mask is just another guy, with some super magical owers, yes, but JUST another guy. Take a deep breath, relax, and kiss your fanny goodbye.

flu said...

Ah-HA! So it IS Briscoe County, Jr!

Anonymous said...

" what can i do for you Oh evil Overlord??

I want a 20" pizza with anchovies and extra cheese and ... a ... 6 pack of beer.

" That will be approx 30 Minutes"
Thank you

And he steps back through the Portal

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

But Bricoe County Jr. was a good guy, or at least I think he was a good guy, it all got a bit confusing towards the end, and I was young and imressionable, and he was cute.... hmm, sorry what were we talking about? Jon, certain death, evil twin?

Oh, yeah, well, good luck, let me know if you need any help. I've got lots of clone experience.

Private Hudson said...

Briscoe was a good guy alright, and that jaw. I'm practically swooning I am.

Professor Xavier said...

I never heard of Briscoe whoever, but I do know about techno-mages. Nothing but trouble.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Adventures of Briscoe County Jr.

I guess I look kind of like Brisoce, I don't know.

flu said...

Your evil twin does more so than you, methinks