Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tools of the Trade: The Wristcomm

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Every hero has a special weapon. Something used when he or she responds to the call to action. From the Jedi lightsaber, to John Rambo's survival knife, to Fonzie's leather jacket. The specialized equipment often becomes a part of who the hero is. Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator is no exception.

The Wristcomm is built by Hyperspace Armor and Lasers in conjunction with outerRIM and was originally intended for military use, though it never actually got into large-scale production. The device features several standard options and is modular so different components can be added or removed per mission requirements.

1. The Voice-Data Input/Output device is built by outerRIM and includes phone, email and InterN.E.T access. The device snaps into place on the Wristcomm or onto a belt holster and has an independent power source. OuterRIM, however, is currently facing patent litigation in the galactic courts and so the company's future is in question.

2. The main body of the device houses the CPU and rechargeable power source. The outer layer is composed of thin layers of space age polymers sandwiched between space titanium and is resistant to shock, pressure, and temperature extremes.

3. Sonic Stunner, the weapon of choice for Jon. The sonic emitter generates variable frequencies designed to incapacitate it's target.

4. Mini harpoon and cable launcher. The harpoon can be fired with or without the 500 pound test line. The monofilament cable spools behind the launcher, underneath the CPU.

5. Hidden storage compartment. Holds a throwing knife, a multi-blade screwdriver, breath mints or any other device that Jon may need for a mission. Intergalactic Serial Bus connections allow additional devices such as sensors, laser weapons or a nail gun to be attached.


Wedge Antillies said...

Gee Jon, that is cool. I have a similar system that holds many of the same items. It is called a Pair-Of-Pants-With-Pockets. But, if you want to use this, more power to you.

I am still not sure what the CPU is for.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You keep your stun gun in your pocket? Isn't that dangerous?

The CPU is there 'cuz it's cool to have it. You know how these engineers are when they're making stuff.

profcharlesx said...

So . . Hyperspace Armor and Lasers has an outlet store in Chicago?

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

is currently facing patent litigation in the galactic courts and so the company's future is in question.

I think they lost the most current round of the legal battle.

But very snazzy, though for the most part, I'm in the same boat as Wedge, that's what I have pants and a gun holster for, but my military is also pretty cheap

Anonymous said...

its a bit bulky for me

Jaina Solo said...

Harpoon? That's pretty cool but isn't it a bit crude?

Lori said...

That's pretty cool.....You never know when you'll need that nail gun....LOL

Have a great day!!!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You might have a little trouble getting that through airport security.

turboslut said...

That looks like a very scary device. You wouldn't want that to fall into the wrong hands, would you?

Anonymous said...

Boys and their toys.

Can it mow the grass ?

Can it mix a drink ?

Can it fetch the paper ?

I didnt think so.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

All I got is a white utility belt that you can't see to well and is filled with M&M.

I am soooo jealous

don't tell anyone about the M&Ms. I get asked if I have enough for the other clones...

flu said...

uh, does it tell time?